The Haunting of Pearson Place is about a young married couple ‘Gwen and Steven’ who move to a new town in the country to work on their marriage and to set up a B&B in an old vacant and derelict Victorian House.

Right from the opening scene of this movie I knew this would not be a film to watch alone, in the dark…unless like me, you love your horror films and enjoy being scared!!

A girl runs down the stairs, screaming covered in blood running towards the door and just as she is about to reach the handle she is dragged away by…something, and the beginning credits start showing clips from a WW1 Battlefield and I knew instantly this would be a film that I would love.

It is not long as the couple move in when they find out there is more going on at The house at Pearson Place and it was once used as a hospice for returning soldiers from World War I who were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder…but with a darker twist, and the couple soon realise they are not alone. This psychological Thriller/Horror is beautifully shot and I instantly fell in love with the impressive old abandoned house, the film also has a great soundtrack filled of eerie creepy and classical music which gave the film a great atmosphere throughout.


The cast are great and the acting is superb, especially from Joe Estevez [Charlie Sheen's uncle] who plays the slightly strange ‘Bob’, the real estate agent. Not only is this a great creepy film but also has a strong focus on the couples strained marriage which shows signs of jealousy and unresolved issues from the past, especially when ‘Gwen’s’ best friend and her husband; who manages to add some comical humour to the film, decide to come for a visit and each have their own strange and scary experiences. Even with such a small cast, the film is intense and has a great ‘realistic’ feel to it.

This is not a fast paced film and is not filled with CGI effects, which for me was a bonus and there were some scenes that genuinely freaked me out. In a way I do think there could have been more gore and more ‘past’ scenes and the ‘dead’ characters could’ve been made to look slightly more gruesome in some scenes but I did like the simple story line and I also liked how the film ended as there were some twists and turns.

It just goes to show, with great production and directing you can produce a great film on a low budget! The Haunting of Pearson Place is one genuinely dark and creepy film and is definitely one for all horror fans out there who like their psychological horror films on a slower pace and this one film that I will happily add to my horror collection!

Michael Merino – MCMFILMS is currently in process of his next project called ‘WIDOW'S CREEK’ and I can’t wait to see it! 





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An Amazon review:

By Lawrence chanon May 3, 2015


Typical dysfunctional, high strung, domineering, neurotic big city couple with relationship issues decide to buy a dilapidated old mansion in the middle of nowhere with plans to turn it into a bed & breakfast, but this is obviously one of those desperate attempts at saving their marriage; one of those "let's jump into an ill considered project we can work on together and maybe it will bring us closer and we'll make extra money at the same time" kind of moves.

They are visited by a carbon copy couple of themselves (friends of the wife) who seem to have even worse problems than themselves.

Both couples trade barbs, memories, kiss, make up and start the whole merry go round routine over n over again.

The place is obviously haunted, the real estate agent and the former owner of the estate are equally believable as a very creepy and spooky couple themselves.; turns out they and other strange characters are manifested bad spirits who feed on the fears and weaknesses of the big city couples and are able to psychologically terrorize and manipulate them to the point where their victims are unable to distinguish dreams from reality.

Obviously this does not end well.

The character development is very well done without agonizingly plodding scenes to document every nuance of a characters personality.
The basic plot along with the dark and tragic history of the house is addressed directly and effectively; again without any unnecessarily long winded time wasters.

the actors deliver solid, convincing, even handed performances and are given an opportunity to shine without the overuse of cg effects and other annoying distractions.

this is a genuinely frightening script with a nice touch of intelligent sophistication that makes it thoroughly satisfying for both the actors and the viewers.